Northwestern University's beekeeping society

Over the past two weeks, our group made great progress in laying the foundation for Northwestern’s premier beekeeping society. Our process began with an adventure to the conservatory in Chicago, where we watched a beekeeping demonstration, interviewed a beekeeper, and watched as one of our own got to experience what it’s like to be a beekeeper head on. After our experiences at the conservatory, we focused on what we’d need to start beekeeping at Northwestern. The biggest challenge we’ll be facing is finding where to put the bees; we’ve already contacted facilities management in an attempt to work out a location for this. Additionally, our research showed that the best time to start hives is in the spring, so that is what we currently plan to do. The remainder of the week was spent on learning beekeeping techniques and making a list of equipment that we’ll need to be hive ready come spring. We also created a twitter to connect with NU students and tell our beekeeping journey.

The second week of the incubator we focused on recruitment and the hives themselves. We worked to create a fun and informative powerpoint to debut at our first recruitment meeting, which will take place sometime after the all-project ESW kick off. Additionally, we looked into various hive designs and ways to make them more educational and informative; after doing so we settled on an observation hive design. A preliminary model of this hive was then created using CAD. We also identified various hives we could purchase, in the event that our plans to construct our own hives don’t go as well as we hope, or we simply desire more hives than we have time to construct.