The Restaurants Of Woodland Park

Whether you are in central Colorado to attend a life transforming event at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs or to spend some quality mountain time with your family, you really should look at Woodland Park. Situated about half an hour northeast of Colorado Springs, this quaint alpine village has something for everyone.

A lot of people do not realize that Colorado is loaded with archaeological sites and ongoing research. A visit to the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park is well worth the stop. Kid friendly and oriented for family visits, the Center is a working lab as well as display facility, teaching about finds in the high plateau area.

Another unique back to nature thing in Woodland Park is we love wolves. Lots of wolves. Woodland Park hosts the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center where you can learn and see these magnificent but misunderstood Rocky Mountain mammals in their own turf.  

If you are into hiking, look no further. Our beautiful Rocky Mountain/Pike’s Peak area has some of the most gorgeous trails in the nation, with rock formations, waterfalls, dense woods and flower carpeted fields. Come join us outside, because that is what Woodland Park is – an outside paradise 365.

All those outside adventures, whether biking, fishing, or skiing, works up a mighty big appetite. Woodland Park restaurants are known for quality and variety. Just about any kind of cuisine is available in our area, to accommodate our visitors, which include many international travelers. You will find many authentic to their home cuisine locations, also. Like most of Colorado, Woodland Park thrives on green, fresh, wholesome, real food, and our restaurants know that.

One thing about our area is due to our location and unique resources, historically there have been many cultures reside in the region. Among them are the First Nations, whom we proudly call our first neighbors, and our sizeable Hispanic influence. Both groups had lived here for hundreds if not thousands of years before this area became well known during the Colorado Gold Rush starting in 1858.  The area started cooking for hungry miners, and is still cooking for hungry outdoor enthusiasts to this day.

Colorado also has a lot of agriculture, which is something many people are not aware of. We grow a lot of grain, beef, and other crops, including some fruit and medicinal products. A lot of the Woodland Park restaurants are dedicated to using as much locally sourced product as is possible, to reduce carbon footprints and support our local farm community.

Woodland Park is also very community oriented. Being a fairly small mountain, high altitude place, we look out for each other. There is a lot of community involvement here, and most every restaurant in Woodland Park pitches in at community events, school programs, festivals, and holidays. They support the local sports teams from the schools and know when neighbors need a hand. The community is important to the restaurants in Woodland Park and they show it with their care and involvement, because nearly all are owned and operated by locals.

Whether you are skiing, fishing, biking, hiking, wildflower walking, or visiting in the valley, consider Woodland Park. Our beautiful weather and natural surroundings will attract you, but our heart will catch you.